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Ferienpark Garda Village - Buerstner (2819), 4 people

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regionLake Garda
propertyHoliday House
living space24 m2
Max. persons4
air conditioneravailable
Distance to beach (m)300
Holiday with dogPets NOT allowed
Washing / Laundryavailable
Barbecue allowedyes

The charming, 4-star Holiday Village The Garda Village is located right on Lake Garda with its own private beach in the popular village of Sirmione. The resort has all the amenities for a pleasant family holiday. The guests have several pools (adult pool, children's pool, Jacuzzi / hot tub and a lazy river) as well as restaurant, bar, playground, entertainment, kids club, tennis courts, mini-golf track, mini-market and many other services. it is about 3km from the center of Sirmione, the shopping center is at 1km. A stay at this holiday village can be well combined with a visit to one of the many theme parks such as Gardaland, Movieland or the water park Caneva.

Mobile Home Bürstner (belita.info/2819) has a double bedroom and a bedroom with two single beds. Thus, the accommodation for max is. 4 people. The living room has a well-equipped kitchen with pots, dishes, cutlery and fridge with freezer compartment. The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, sink and shower. Satellite TV and air conditioning are included. Lockers for valuables may be used free of charge at the reception. Sheets and towels can be rented on site (reservation when booking please). The covered patio with table and chairs invites you to relax in comfort while the kids can let off steam in the playground or the pool. Grilling is allowed. Travel time from ital. Border about 1.5 h. Upon request half or full board can be booked on site. A parking space is included. Note: If you need more than accommodation, this is possible with us usually because we have multiple objects of the same type of house



In the period from 29.06.-08.30.2019 the arrival and departure is only on Wednesdays or Saturdays (minimum stay 7 nights). In the remaining time the minimum stay is 3 nights (daily arrival possible). Note: If for some reason you can not arrive at the intended arrival date, is of course also a check-in on the following day (Report prior to arrival). The same applies if you want to leave earlier. Again, the day before departure is possible. However, the specified rental period to book / rent will remain unchanged.


The resort has a private beach compartment with pebbles and sand beach. This beach can be reached in a short walking distance. Since the state is flat, it is ideal for families with small children. Lakeside a kiosk / bar for a snack or an ice cream. It is possible to sail, motor, and rent pedal boats and to log in the surf school.


This holiday village enjoys a landscaped pool areas. The splendid refreshing water attracts all ages for swimming, bathing and splashing. An adult pool, children's pool with various water features and a Jacuzzi / hot tub and a lazy river are at guests' disposal. Poolside with parasols and deck chairs, which you can use for free.


This holiday village is adjacent to the beach, making it ideal for families with small children. The old town of Sirmione can be reached in only 3.


The animation team from Sunday to Friday for lots of entertainment for young and old. In the Mini, Junior and Teen Club different games and activities for children and young people are offered. Children have their own playground and a games room. A team of professional animators is available and entertains your children with games and sports activities such as football, basketball, beach volleyball and archery. Each week, the animation team organizes a performance, in which all children can participate. In the evening, a mini disco and various entertainment shows take place daily.


It has sports facilities, including a minigolf course, tennis courts and football pitches and archery range. Canoes, motor boats, jet skis and pedal boats for hire. On its own beach there is also a beach volleyball court. Finally, sports is the strength of the village, this is four tennis courts and two multi-purpose spaces with modern and functionally furnished dressing rooms. If you want to go cycling, you can rent bikes at the resort. For dance Joyous the animation team offers daily Zumba and dance lessons.


In the mini-market you will find, among other fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, meat, cheese and other foods. Do you want to make larger purchases? The center of Sirmione is from the village just a few minutes.


The apartment features a well-equipped kitchen with dishes, silverware and pots. Also shops are nearby. You can make course of the half and full board at favorable conditions use. You may like to book on the spot to (pre-registration is not necessary). In the various bars of the system you will be entertained with live music and dancing. The pizzeria / restaurant overlooking the lake offers buffets, theme nights and barbecues. If you like eating sweets or want to enjoy a refreshing ice cream, place in Candy Shop a wide selection.


Pets are NOT allowed.




Detailed arrival information you receive with your travel documents after booking.


Sirmione is on the southern shore of Lake Garda. The mainland extends this narrow and long 4 km into Lake Garda, making the bustling little town in the truest sense of the word for icing on the cake of the southern coast of Lake Garda. In addition to the single bridge sits a beautiful moated castle and the colorful, romantic labyrinthine old town will make your holiday a dream. North of the Old Town, the island peak loads to an idyllic walk one with a charming view of the lake. Visit. The "Grotte di Catullo", the ruins of one of the largest Roman villas at the end of the cypress trees and olive groves or enjoy a stay in one of the modern spas Already since Roman times Sirmione is a significant spa town thanks to the sulphurous Boiola mineral spring, which springs next to the peninsula from the bottom of Lake Garda. In the district Lugana a small, clear weekly market with excellent food stalls and excellent food products from small farms in the region takes place every Friday. In Colombare di Sirmione, you can stroll on Monday about the market. In just 45 minutes you can drive to the city break in Verona with its Roman past, the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet and of course the world famous arena with open-air performances. The train even manages in just 20 minutes to Verona. In the west the cities of Brescia, Bergamo and Milan, which invites you to a shopping expedition are. Even the picturesque Venice can be reached still good from Desenzano. A trip around the lake is always an experience. But also peace-seeking vacationers come in the area of ??Desenzano at their expense. The beautiful, typical Lombard town of Lonato is located about six kilometers west of Desenzano. It has a magnificent baroque cathedral with a mighty dome and towering city tower. From the hilltop castle ruins "Rocca" that dominates the striking historical center, you can enjoy a magnificent view over the Moränenhügellandschaft to the lake. Lake Garda offers an unusually large range of leisure parks, zoos, climbing parks and swimming pools. Thus one finds in Castelnuovo del Garda, Gardaland, which is one of the largest amusement parks in Italy. Here families will get their costs, because with more than 40 attractions of the whitewater course up to the fairytale themed world is for all ages something. Next door Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium is waiting to bring the underwater world closer to the visitors. In Movieland in Lazise breathtaking stunt shows await visitors. Special effects provide the necessary action. The Parco Natura Viva in Bussolengo (only a few minutes drive from the southeastern lake shore) is a zoo, which is dedicated to the protection of endangered species and its inhabitants is one of a number of endangered species such as tigers, leopards and the little panda. On a walk, visitors can go on a safari and only by natural barriers separate animals such as rhinos, hippos and monkeys to come closer.

Please note that this text has been translated semi-automatically with Google's translation service. In case of doubt, please refer to the original language German.



bathroom, Have a shower), 2 bedroom, Toilet (n), COM_FEWO_Beach_Sand, COM_FEWO_NO_DOG


Domestic kitchen, Stove / cooker, coffee machine, fridge, icebox, Washing / Laundry, Community dryer

Living area

Internet access, Cabel TV, air conditioner, Safe / Safe, satellite TV, Internet/WIFI, TV, TV connection

Wellness holidays



berth, Rent a bike, garden, garden furniture, Barbecue allowed, near beach, parking spot, playground, table tennis, private tennis, Patio / Terrace


Opportunity to fish, angler friendly, detached house, family holiday, heater, Internet, child-friendly, food, water sports, cot, tennis


fishing: 300 m, go out: 3 km, railway station: 7 km, shop: 150 m, Airport: 25 km, outdoor pool: 100 m, golf course: 10 km, village: 2 km, riding: 8 km, restaurant: 150 m, lake: 300 m, Distance to beach (m): 300 m, Supermarket: 150 m, tennis court: 150 m, water: 300 m, water sports: 300 m, public parking: 150 m

6 reviews

from 5





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from Peter G.
4.6 from 5






Sauber unterkunft. Ein sehr toller ort.

from Hartmann
4.2 from 5






Zu empfehlen!

from Familie Biffart
4.2 from 5






Schöner Ort.war alles bestens!

Schöner Ferienpark

from Daniel
5 from 5






Wir waren von dem sehr schön gepflegten und sauberen Ferienpark begeistert. Wir werden bestimmt wieder ein Mal unseren Urlaub dort verbringen.

schönes mobileheim

from E. und H. Frenzen
4.6 from 5






schöne, gepflegte ferienanlage mit viel grünflächen. mobilehome in einem guten zustand. dusche etwas klein. beim see ist man schnell.

Positiv überrascht

from Familie Toller
4.8 from 5






Dies waren unsere ersten Ferien in einem Mobilhome. Bisher wählten wir lieber gemauerte Ferienhäuser. Wir waren aber sehr positiv überrascht. Man hat genauso gut Platz wie in anderen Ferienhäusern und auch die Einrichtung bietet alles was man braucht.


Price on request

additional costs

gasflat-rate (inclusive)
air conditionerflat-rate (inclusive)
parking spotflat-rate (inclusive)
pool useflat-rate (inclusive)
electricityflat-rate (inclusive)
TVflat-rate (inclusive)
waterflat-rate (inclusive)
Cleaning€ 25,- flat-rate (mandatory, payable on location)
Deposit (refundable)€ 100,- flat-rate (mandatory, payable on location)
Tourist tax€ 0,60 per day and accomodation and per person (mandatory, payable on location)
Short-term stays (1-9 days)€ 28,- flat-rate (mandatory)
cot€ 8,- per day and accomodation and per unit (optional, payable on location, must be pre-ordered)
bed linen€ 5,- flat-rate and per person and. change (optional, payable on location)
towels€ 3,- flat-rate and per person and. change (optional, payable on location)
Internet access€ 2,50 according to consumption (optional, payable on location)


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tägl. bis 21 Uhr / IHR BELITA-TEAM

Booking request: Ferienpark Garda Village - Buerstner (2819)

Payment conditions: 30% of the rental amount as deposit at the time of booking (invoice or credit card), balance due 45 days prior to arrival. For short-term bookings (2 months or less before arrival date) the amount is due immediately.